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This volume is a collection of papers that were presented during the international conference Time and Space in Ancient Egypt organised by the Université catholique de Louvain and the Université de Liège (Louvain-la-Neuve, 9–11 June 2016). The participants were invited to examine in the broadest possible way the interactions between the expressions of time and space. This volume does not pretend to come with definitive solutions or conclusions, even less, with a new theory. As suggested in the title, one of our main goals was to problematize these topics by promoting interdisciplinary discussions on possible links of interconnectivity between time and space, two among the most basic modes of cultural organization.


Gaëlle Chantrain & Jean Winand,
Temps et espace en Égypte ancienne: une introduction
Jean-Marie Klinkenberg,
Avant la langue: Le temps et l'espace comme construction sémiotique


Christian Langer,
The Concept of 'Frontier' in New Kingdom Egypt. A Comparative Approach to the Spatiality of Ideology
Nikolaos Lazaridis,
Action and Private Space in Ancient Egyptian Narrative
Alicia Maravelia,
Of Eternity, Everlastingness and Stars: Notions of Time, Space, Duration and the Firmament in the Pyramid and Coffin Texts
Maya Müller,
Techniques for the Simultaneous Increase and Reduction of Time and Space in Egyptian Art
Jean-Pierre Pätznick,
Hw.t Xnt(j) sQr wr : La Demeure de –Celui qui préside à l’offrande / au sacrifice du vénérable–. L’enceinte funéraire de la vallée à Abydos ou l’intemporalité de l’espace sacré dans le rituel funéraire royal thinite
Martin Pehal,
Culturally Reflexive Aspects of Time and Space in New Kingdom Mythological Narratives
Daniel M. Potter,
Deictic Motion Verbs and Divine Interaction. Placing the Individual and the Divine in Time and Space
Daniel A. Werning,
The Representation of Space, Time, and Event Sequence in an Ancient Egyptian Netherworld Comic